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Date Paste is a relatively new sub-product of date fruits.
It is produced from raw and natural dates Pieces that are cleaned and pitted. Date Paste is a natural and highly nutritious ingredient for the human consumption in home recipes or for industrial purposes.

Home Use:

  • The breakfast and afternoon snack complementary
  • Marmalade for producing home candy
  • Substitute sweeteners for baby foods
  • Add with yoghurt is very nutritious and is the best food for those who are suffering from anemia


  • Base for other ingredients such as sauces, jams
  • Confectionery goods such as core of cake, filling for biscuits
  • Food & beverage industries such as confectionery and bars, snacks, chocolate & dairy, baked goods, baby foods & alcoholic beverage and other food & beverage.

date paste

Product Code Product Type Unit Type Unit Weight (Kg) Pieces in Box Net Weight (Kg) Gross Weight (Kg)
M-181007 Maral- Date Paste Kg 10.000 1 10.000 11.000